Hi ParisJS!

Store and Sync Data in Realtime

Who am I?

Sara Robinson

Developer Advocate at Firebase


  • Why realtime is important
  • What is Firebase
  • Live coding
  • Q&A

Realtime is

Data best served fresh

Realtime is collaborative drawing

View in Firebase Dashboard

Realtime is

Game state

View in Firebase Dashboard

What matters to users?

  • Fast apps
  • Stuff to update in realtime
  • Apps work offline

These exist today

  • Google Docs
  • Facebook Newsfeed
  • Live transit maps

Realtime is hard

Many problems to solve

An Overview

Firebase is a cloud database

store and sync data across clients
Authentication easily authenticate users
production-grade static asset hosting

Works With

Store and Sync Data

Write Data to Firebase

var ref = new Firebase("https://parisjs.firebaseio-demo.com/");
ref.set("Hello ParisJS!");

Read Data from Firebase

ref.on("value", function (snapshot) {
  var data = snapshot.val();

More About Firebase

  • 155,000 registered developers
  • 1M concurrent users on Firebase sites
  • Founded in Spring of 2011 in SF
  • Joined Google Cloud Platform in October 2014

Let's write some code!

Who's using Firebase in production?

Citrix - GoToMeeting

Makes use of Firebase's realtime signaling, presence, and security rules

Citrix - Talkboard

Realtime, collaborative whiteboarding for teams


  • Built a realtime chat platform for reality TV series Big Brother

  • Handled 50k concurrents at peak times, and over 27M chat entries were logged throughout the season

More Case Studies

Notifying users when realtime streams go live

Powering pneumatic tubes

Powering realtime chat


We talked about this stuff

  • Why realtime is important
  • What is Firebase
  • A really cool demo
  • Live coding

Questions anyone?