Building Realtime Apps with Firebase

Ossama Alami

VP, Developer Happiness at Firebase


  • What is Firebase?
  • Live Coding!
  • Build an app with Firebase

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a platform for building realtime apps

store and sync data across clients
easily authenticate users
production-grade static asset hosting

Works Across Platforms

More About Firebase

  • 80,000 registered developers
  • Founded in 2011 in SF
  • Customers include: Citrix, CBS, Twitch, Warby Parker, and Coffee Meets Bagel
  • One million concurrents
  • Billions of operations per week

Store and Sync Data

Write Data to Firebase

var ref = new Firebase("");
ref.set("Hello YC Hacks!");

Read Data from Firebase

ref.on("value", function (snapshot) {
  var data = snapshot.val(); console.log(data);

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